I have been working on quite a big event recently. As you know I am a Navy veteran and I am very passionate about helping other veterans get back on their feet in civvy street. I am also very passionate about raising awareness of the mental health issues veterans are still suffering with and how they are still being failed by the government.

I have teamed up with 3 other veterans to raise this awareness. The 3 ex army veterans will be cycling from Edinburgh to Lincoln, raising funds for 3 worthy causes and raising mental health awareness across the UK. They are visiting as many veteran owned business along the route and I am very fortunate enough that they are coming to Blackpool to visit me at Concierge Ninja on the 29th June!

Since I work from home I needed to find a venue for them to land at and I wanted to give them a massive Blackpool welcome. 2454 RAF Cadet Squadron in Bispham have kindly let me use their venue for the guys to land at.  From then we are going down to Rockcliffe Hotel on North Shore Prom for a charity event evening. There will be a buffet, raffle, music, a nice relaxing and fun evening to help raise even more funds!

It is going to be amazing! I am so proud and that I have the opportunity to help them and to help raise awareness. We are on average losing around 4 veterans A WEEK in the UK to suicide and nothing is being done about it! If you can help in anyway that would be amazing, we need to spread the word, raise funds and work together as a team to shout as loud as we can about this.

Here is the link for the JustGiving page:


Here is the link for the offical FB page:


The 3 causes that we are raising funds for are:

Click on the images to be taken to their pages!

I hope you can get involved. If you want to know more just send me a message.

Keep Smiling 🙂

Amanda x