Behind the scenes I have been working on some mini projects. Well actually when it comes to any size events they can become quite big to organise! I’m sure any event planner will agree with me. These events have been in the planning for around a year now, I have given myself enough space and time to allow my thoughts and feelings towards them to develop. Every event that I will be creating will be different, unique and every event will be an experience to remember.

The Luxe Factor was a name my mum actually came up with. She thought of the idea from the X-Factor as she knows the ideas I have for the events and that I want to put the “X-Factor” into each and everyone of them. When it comes to quirky names and ideas, my mum is the person I always turn to! Having someone who you can bounce off can think outside of the box with is important when it comes to event planning. 

I have created a newsletter especially for the The Luxe Factor. The reason behind this is all the events are by invitation only and the only way you can get invited is by being signed up. Not only will you get exclusive access to them and know what’s happening on a first come first served basis, but you will have first priority to each event – there will be on some occasions VIP discounted tickets available, another reason to be involved!

For the first event I have found an extremely talented gentleman to take us on a journey through the fine wines of wine tasting and finishing off with a vintage port. If this is your idea of heaven, or if this is something that you would love to try, sign up to the newsletter (no obligation to by anything) and you will receive all updated information surround this event and any others in the future. 

Please share and spread the word, lets enjoy life to the fullest together! 


*When you sign up to the newsletters, you will only get emails sent through regarding the events. On the newsletters there maybe small advertisements from the sponsors in the form of a banner/logo to say they are sponsoring but nothing else – I take GDPR extremely seriously and will never share your information with anyone else, nor will I ever spam you. If you receive any emails claiming to be from The Luxe Factor or from Concierge Ninja that seem out of character, please inform me straight away and then I can take the necessary action*