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Many moons ago when I was writing my business plan, I use to stare into space quite a lot. I use to imagine and visualise about how I can help others, not just with my services but using my business platform as a foundation to do good.

Well now is my chance! I had a letter delivered to me from Sir Andrew Parmley asking if I will become an Ambassador for Blackpool. I’ll be joining a force of hundreds of other individuals and businesses who want to change the way people across the UK view Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

Blackpool always seems to be at the top of the league for all the wrong reasons and it’s time that this changed! Blackpool is a fantastic town, the community is magnificent and I owe a lot to this place. The council (Blackpool Unlimited Get Started team) here has helped me turn my dream of becoming a business owner into a reality. Everyone I have met in this town are inspiring and eager to see others succeed. I’m extremely excited to be a part of this new project and I cannot wait to start shouting loud and proud about this wonderful little town of ours!

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By Amanda Crossley


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