Stay Safe & Stay Still

My goodness, what a start to the year! The amount of times in December 2019 I said “2020 is going to be an amazing year!” Oh how we laughed back then. These times are certainly challenging, everyone is saying that and seems to be a key word right now – challenging, I’m sure there are a few other key words we can think of too!

Thinking about this whole situation on a deeper level, this situation has done something that I never even comprehended, it has made us sit still. It has made us take a step back from everything and from our hectic lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than getting stuck into my work and helping others, but this has helped me be more grateful for the simpler things in life.

I’ve been a single mum for 4 years now and before then I was in a military relationship, which sometimes felt as though I was a single parent, I know I can cope with the mini’s running riot, but this is different. The way my children have instantly adapted to the situation is unbelievable. I was running round like a headless chicken, panicking that everything was just going to crash down around me (that’s a bit dramatic, it was bad but not THAT bad). But each day my kids kept on grounding me, kept me focused on them and their needs, whether that was education or playing in the garden. Spending much needed time together as a whole and as a unit.

It’s also made me look at my relationships differently. Made me more aware that relationships that I have taken for granted over the past few years need my attention now more than ever. The special relationships that I hold in my heart have become stronger and we have a new type of connection.

The days can be hard and mentally challenging, I didn’t realise how weird these emotions were going to be. I’m not bored or fed up, but I feel like I’m being held up. Being a Navy veteran myself and living onboard a tin can for months at a time, you would think I would be great at this, but it is the sitting still that is very much unfamiliar to me. I didn’t do sitting still, until now.

So what I have taken away from all of this? When times are tough and life changes in an instant, you can do two things – A) panic, worry and become your own worst enemy or B) adapt, breathe and sit still for just a moment to figure out your next move. Life is a game, your game in fact, however you level up and move forward is ultimately your choice and your decision, no one else’s.

Stay Safe & Stay Still, even if it is just for a moment

– Amanda Crossley, Business Director Concierge Ninja

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