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Does your business pride itself on incredible customer service?

Are your staff delivering exceptional experiences to your guests?

Showcase your high standards with concierge verification.

As a concierge, we understand that only the best will do. We deliver exceptional services for our clients, and we want to help you do the same. Customer service is paramount for any business, as it’s key to your reputation.


A professional concierge will come into your business as a mystery shopper and test out your services from start to finish.

Our experts then create an in depth report to show you our findings. From the cleanliness of the establishment to the friendliness of the staff, we’ll find out how well your business is doing. Do you go above and beyond to give that little bit extra with reservations or local maps?

Our concierge will assess if you’re putting your best foot forward!

If your business performs to our exceptional standards, then you will receive official concierge verification.


However, sometimes standards do slip, and we are on hand to help you. Whether it’s staff turnaround or new systems, the most important thing is our actionable advice. Once you’ve received your tailored report, we work closely alongside you and your staff. Our professional concierge will help you to implement small but essential changes and training to get you up to concierge standards.


As a professional concierge, we hold the highest standards when it comes to services.

We want you to stand out from the rest by showing the world that you have concierge standard services!

Concierge verification will put your business ahead of the competition, highlighting your dedication to excellence.

Gain recognition, build your reputation in your industry and grow your business.


The one thing that rattles everyone is bad customer service.

It’s so easy to get right, but poor service can put people off from even stepping into your business!

Concierge Ninja wants to change the way people experience services, and with exceptional services comes more custom for you!

Get verified from £250

Getting verified by Concierge Ninja starts from just £250, concierge verification is your opportunity to show your customers exactly what your business is about. Prices vary based on type of business being verified, location and time needed on site.

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