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Here Andy Harrison from Harrison Horticulture gives us some great advice on what we can do to boost the look of our garden this Spring. Let’s be honest I think a few of us are become more green fingered this year! I for one have decided to brighten up the look of our outdoor space, not just to be visibly pleasing but to be proud of too!

Harrison Horticulture is a landscaper based in Grimsargh, Preston and has a portfolio of projects under his belt. You can find out more about Andy and his services on his website or email He also posts regularly on his Instagram account @harrison_horticulture

“Our gardens provide us with our own outdoor space, our own patch of earth,

and our own slice of paradise.

The garden never stays static, and neither should we. It’s all well and good

me telling you lot to go out and garden. But with limited resources, and the

need to remain in our homes, then surely gardening becomes too much of a


But, you see. Who says you need plants, compost and tools. Well, ok maybe

you do a bit. It helps, sure it does. I guess my point is that you can be in

your garden, and still have a productive time;

Reconnect with your space and plan what you want to get out of it.

If you have thin, 40cm wide borders along the edge of a fence, then ask

yourself why? What is it’s purpose. Make it wider, create a curve or a wavy

edge. Plan for more plants.

Look at your lawn. Experiment with leaving a part of the lawn uncut. See

what grows. Longer grass is great for the local ecosystem. Is there scope

for wildflowers/meadow?

Make your own compost. Set aside a corner of the garden to make a compost


Hard landscaping. Does it do what it is suppose to do? Sit on your patio, is

it big enough? Is it safe?

New builds. You’re lucky. Blank canvas. Lots to play with. Keep an eye on

the sun. The sunny parts, the shady parts.

Productive veg plot. Is there scope to grow your own? Ahem, I’ll rephrase

that (there’s always scope to grow your own). Where can you allocate your

little veg plot. Vegetables, fruit, cut flowers for the home.

Get close to nature. Working the borders, mowing the lawn, creating habitat,

improving the garden’s biodiversity, and generally being outside is great

exercise, great for our mentality, and if you take the time to stop and look

and what’s happening, you begin to notice things that you might have

otherwise missed.

So you see. Lots to think. Lots to consider. The garden is not just an

outdoor space that holds your home. It’s your home that holds a garden

space. Use it wisely. Please invite nature back. Use it not as an outdoor

room, but as a therapy room. A room for you, your family and for wildlife.

Use your time to experiment with what you grow, and maybe introduce our

younger generation to the great art of horticulture.

Invite the positivity back. Be kind and stay safe.”


Harrison Horticulture

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