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The Go to Girl that can get you what you want, when you want

“I am blessed to be working with you at Concierge Ninja, thank you xx”

Dona Kirkham

Travel Counsellors - Dona Kirkham

“Amanda, the Concierge Ninja, is a determined, hard working and dedicated lady who will do her utmost to provide or source the best service.”


SBK MUSIC Singing, Piano & Keyboard Lessons

“We love working with local businesses and helping where we can but we need help too sometimes. Someone with a certain skillset who just slots straight into whatever we’re doing and gets the job done. It’s like having another pair of hands or an extra few hours in your day. Imagine that! We can’t recommend this lady highly enough, and if you need some help with events, organisation or anything else then this is the lady for you. Thankyou Amanda Crossley for all you do for us!!”

Hardman McNeal

Hardman McNeal - Business Simplified

Often, another pair of hands is all it takes to give you back more free time.

Concierge Ninja is that pair of hands – no matter what you want or need, we are right there for you

What Would You Ask A Personal Concierge To Do?

Luxury Concierge

Want something with a bit more je ne sais quoi? Everyone deserves luxury in their life which is what we are really good at! Making you feel special and getting you whatever you desire. As long as it’s legal we are your yes girls!

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Corporate Concierge

Every employer values their employees. Even more they care about their well-being. Why not offer concierge services as part of your employee benefit package? We can take care of your employees by helping them with errands and tasks while they work! Taking that weight off their shoulders. Research has shown that employees with less stress in their personal lives deliver a better quality of work in their jobs!

Let us help you become the best employers!

Hotel Concierge

Every hotel should have a concierge for their guests. However we understand that your concierge is limited to the hotel, this is where we come in! We help any hotel and b&b who either doesn’t have an in house hotel concierge or their own concierge can’t leave the grounds. Whatever your guests need we will get it. Lets make your establishment stand out from the rest by offering your guests a luxury service they deserve!

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Evolution Ninja - Events

We cater for all events from Corporate meetings and Awards to Birthday’s and Celebrations. Currently we are setting up our sister company Evolution Ninja – Evolving your events Ninja style!

We use the latest technology to bring your event to life! Literally! We have teamed up with  VRImpact to create events that will transport you wherever you want to go!

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Family Concierge

We love helping busy families with day to day life, being their extra help so they can spend more time together. Time is precious which is why we want to help banish anything that’s stopping you being together. Have a look at some of the sample services below.

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Senior Concierge

Do you take care of an elderly relative who wishes to still live independently? Does it take up a lot of your time during the day leaving you little time to concentrate on anything else? We can help! We will help with everything that your relative needs.

If there is anything you feel you need helping with don’t hesitate to Get in touch!

Services We Offer

Being a member you get access to our exclusive contacts. We source the best suppliers to work with so you can relax while we take care of your request.

Below is an example list of some of the services we can provide for you. This list is in no way extensive, if there’s something you need doing and it’s not on there just give us a call and we will be happy to help!

  • Using our own independent travel consultant we can:
  • Organise your holiday to your budget
  • Organise any corporate travel and accommodation
  • Car hire – taxi’s, limousines, luxury car hire, corporate car hire
  • Travel by train – tickets, seat reservations


Working in partnership with:

Personal Shopping
  • Gift Sourcing
  • Ordering and delivering flowers
  • Carefully selecting products to your request
  • Date reminder set up – send gifts and cards on your behalf
Restaurant Reservations
  • Booking restaurant reservations
  • Making special requirements
  • Private dinners
  • Special occasions
  • Adding extra sparkle to your evening
House Sitting
  • Daily checks on your house while you’re away
  • Picking up parcels & post if delivered
  • Making sure you have all essentials for when you return
  • Basic garden maintenance if required
  • Rental property maintenance
  • Helping you with all aspects of removals
  • Organise packing and unpacking
  • House hunting
  • Managing all relevant phone calls on your behalf
Health and Beauty
  • Arrange any beauty appointments
  • Hair stylist
  • Nails, manicures, pedicures
  • Spa treatments
  • Massages, facials, all cosmetics
  • Personal trainers
  • Mobile beauty treatments
VIP Experiences
  • Day out at the races – personal and corporate
  • Rally races – personal and corporate
  • Table bookings, private booths
  • Days and evenings out
Day to Day
  • Shopping orders and collection
  • Collecting and sending parcels
  • Dropping off and collecting dry cleaning
  • Take pets to vets
  • Drop off and pick up pets from boarding
  • Finding tradesmen
  • Emergency requests
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Date reminder set up

Save Time With A Personal Concierge

The Go to Girl that can get you what you want, when you want.

Luxury You Deserve

Time is precious and we all should be living life to the fullest. Let us make your dreams come true.

Been Putting Off Your To-Do List For Another Day?

If you’re in and around the Fylde Coast area, book a concierge and get them completed today!

Event Planning Services

Do you need an event organised in your work place or in your personal life? We will take care of it all for you

No Matter What You Need...

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Looking for an affordable concierge service to suit your budget?

We believe that everyone is entitled to a bit of luxury in their lives, which is why prices are discussed during a FREE phone consultation for a pay as you go experience.

If you find there are a set amount of hours you require each month or certain tasks you would like completing every month, you could benefit from the membership packages that are on offer. Personal or Business, we cater for both!

How much is your time worth?

About Us

Meet Amanda
Amanda Crossley - founder of Concierge Ninja

Amanda Crossley – founder of Concierge Ninja

Hi, I’m Amanda, the founder of Concierge Ninja. I am based in Blackpool and offer my services here and to the surrounding areas. 

I am a Royal Navy Veteran which gave me the skills of being highly organised, excellent attention to detail, high standards in my work and superb time management just to name a few.

After leaving the military to become a full time mum I was quick to realise that a lot of people had less time in their lives to spend how they wish. Instead they were spending evenings and weekends catching up on jobs that needed doing during the weekdays.

After extensive research I found the concept of concierge services. Originally found in hotel lobbies, concierges are highly talented individuals who will get you anything you need, want or desire – as long as it’s legal!

A Concierge Service Especially For You

Twenty years or so ago concierge services started moving out of hotels and into office spaces for everyone to enjoy. Despite that, the idea is still quite new and they are mainly found near and in city centres.

Blackpool is a beautiful town and I know local businesses and residents work extremely hard to keep Blackpool thriving. Why should it be just cities that get to enjoy the services of a concierge? No matter where you are, everyone deserves a life of luxury!

Shift the strain and the weight of your daily cares off your shoulders onto someone who is dedicated to help you make time. Who is dedicated to take care of the things that matter to you and delivers to a high standard.

What would you do with an extra hour in your day? This is AFFORDABLE LUXURY you deserve!

About Concierge Ninja
Concierge Ninja is a member of the International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Network

Concierge Ninja is a member of the International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Network

Concierge is such a fancy word but in reality our aim is to take the stress out of the lives of busy professionals, overstretched parents, the elderly and many other people who would benefit from having their own personal assistant.

We do this by completing tasks on their to do list, such as taking care of small errands, creating an amazing event, organising the ultimate night out, sourcing suppliers, the list is certainly endless.

This is just a small example of what we offer. Just trying to find a reliable business at the best price can take up to 3 hours by the time you have researched numerous companies, rung around asking for quotes, looking at various internet ratings and then meeting them in person! Save your 3 hours and let me do it for you!

Saving You Time

So do you tend to put off your to-do list for another day or struggle to find the time to fit everything in? Give me a quick ring!

Forgotten birthday cards and anniversary presents are now a thing of the past. Fancy something tasty for lunch? I’ll pick it up and personally deliver it to you at work too!

Ring me for a FREE phone consultation. Stuck for time? Send me a brief email with your name and contact number and I’ll ring when it suits you!

Let Concierge Ninja Be Your Go To Girl

Call now on 07508 609919 or email me at

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Partnerships and Supporters

Working alongside local businesses and helping each other is highly important to us at Concierge Ninja. Always striving to bring you the very best from personal experience and vetted businesses. Here are our partners and supporters who we value highly, respect and would always recommend.